Still Life in the Old Dog

Dave Woody

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'There's still life in the old dog'!
....refers to old people still being mentally sound.

This image. ....'Still Life in the Old Dog' ....... is me playing upon that
to give my still life some value.
Sorry everyone.....
I know this does not belong in this thread....
....but I hope it got a smile from some of you.

I will post it in acrylics, where it belongs.
I'm glad to hear that there's still life in the old dog at my age! :LOL: And BTW, very clever. :giggle:
Love it. I'm sitting here alone laughing my head off - the men in the white suits will be visiting soon🙂
They come as a pair...I have resisted the urge to add 'Still Life' on this....
or do you think it needs it, to complement the set?
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