Somewhere else perhaps



This one started as a crazy exercise in abstraction using as many colors as I could…..
Then I started looking for things, hoping to improve it. I do so occasionally. And… there it is.
Thanks for passing by.
Acrylics on some kind of cheap Chinese made board.
they are all crazy exercises but sometimes we get to see things and bring them to the attention of other viewers. Could very well be and inlet along a coastline. Cohesion for me is missing but a lot of abstracts intentionally stay away from anything cohesive. I like that it allows one to run the coast and look. Treasure Hunt.
Nice! There's a lot here to use one's imagination on. I like. ❤️❤️
Your exercise turned out excellent. This is really something! I love everything about it! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Wherever this is I would love to have this view out my window! I love the way the patches of colors come together to form land, sea and sky.
I think you could have added orange and purple. Only kidding :) This is a nice piece with a lot of wonderful colors and a good feeling to it. You are perhaps as fascinated by lovely little houses nestled in the countryside as I am.
Yes, a deep purple lakeshore with some little extras. And yes, I’d love to have that view out of my bedroom window too!….😆
Thanks a lot to all.
Damn - all those colors, yet you still kept them in harmony - like a symphony orchestra.