Somewhere else perhaps



Well, this one that I painted last year,I think...., should possibly be a companion to Flowers for No one. The gal that our fellow had been expecting is somewhere else perhaps. Although she’s nicely dressed, sticking out nicely in this deep reddish (almost...) infinite field, her expression seems to say that having a rendez vous is not the top priority on her mind.
Acrylics on paper, quite a bit bigger than the one of the boy with flowers.

Love it with her pink dress against the reddish field. Very well done! (y)
What a terrific combo the two make !
He is lost in the field of life and she is stood up by the church door. Poignant, and symbolic of so many misfires in life.
Great stuff.
Another magical painting! Who but you would have thought of a pink dress on a dark red background? and a pinkish sky. She does look sad.