Some older oil pastel work


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This one's from my own ref photo about 3 years ago. I really loved the vantage point (on Mackinac Island) and thought I'd try it. I'd never painted a body of water before, so having my ref photo was a help.

Mackinac Island beach.jpg

I messed up with the scale for the little people, though. grrr... but at the end I was still glad to get through this one, since it was also an experiment with a full-on underpainting, and I was pretty sure I'd ruined it!

After sketching out the scene, I covered the paper with a harder oil pastel, Cray-Pas Expressionist, probably burnt sienna - then brushed it in with Turpenoid.

Mackinac Island beach2.jpg

By the time I got this many layers over it, I knew it would be okay. Didn't quite go as planned but I didn't have to send it to the Learning Bin (aka trash can).

Mackinac Island beach3.jpg

This one's also a couple of years old. Trying to get over my fear of adding figures into landscapes. Even then all I managed was an outline, but it seemed okay with a more meditative scene.

Beach sunset final.jpg

These are both on Arches oil paper, 9x12".
These are great!!! But I especially love the beach scene on top. I think the little people being out of proportion are so endearing, I would not change them for the world. It looks purposeful too because the perspective of the composition is entirely cool. Something only a photographer would come up with.

I also love that you have progress shots. Me loves progress images! I think the blends you did in the water are fantastic; you can see all the care and time you put into it. I like the solitude of the bottom one, and the cattails blowing in the wind. :)
Aww, thank you for saying this about my little people!! 💗 It is what it is, I wouldn't go back and mess with it. :)

I tend to take work in progress, or wip pics, whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed and need to step back. Which is most of the time when I pick up the sticks. If it's not photography related, I'm officially out of my comfort zone, heh.

Thanks again for the kind words!
Hello Terri:
I am drawn to the coloring in the second .. seems to me at times the way to distinguish one artist from another is their choice of color and when people step outside it gets interesting . in the first I find myself wanting the trees to be more like the people in delivery.
Wayne, I really appreciate the comments and your observations. I'm sorry I overlooked your post till now!

I think I get what you're saying about those trees in the first one. I remember wanting those shadows to be vivid blue, don't know why and it's a funny thing to recall at this stage. :D My hand coloring instructor used to walk around the room saying, "Always, always - purple in the shadows, people!" And I like blue. So defiant, geez.
Wow. Those nice.
Pastels are real challenge. I have done one or two not long ago, ill try to upload.