Some birds in WC.


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Here are a couple of birds I did in WC. The puffin is one of the earlier works (as if I am talking about a lifelong career instead of a half year period :ROFLMAO:) the redwing I painted recently, and the loon sometime inbetween.
As am am just beginning in this medium (since last spring) the learning process is in full swing. Any tips, remarks and critiques are very welcome. 20200918_175114_copy_2457x2174.jpg20200809_103523_copy_1144x820.jpg20200809_120923_copy_1655x2388.jpg
These are cool. I really like the redwing and the fact that you've painted him singing
beautiful. I like them.
true what says.
nice moment captured with the first posted work of the 3. the singing.
They are lovely! You should post bigger pictures of them so we can enjoy them even more!
Thanks very much ( all of you).
I thought those thumbnail pics are clickable for a bigger picture, they work when I try it.
They are clickable for a larger picture but you can also post a larger picture right in the thread so we can see them immediately. :giggle:
They are lovely paintings. (y)
Thanks. Yeah it is the first time posting pics on this forum, so it took some fiddling;)
This site's interface is still about a thousand times more user friendly than, you know, that of a certain "moist painting surface"...
I will try that out next time, posting without a thumb nail. Though at the moment life is getting a bit in the way of painting, I have some stuff in black and white mediums I did one, two years ago.
Sorry, it took me a while to get back on the forum and see your work. Thank you for posting it. I think you are off to a very good start!
Watercolour I found, had the biggest learning curve. Hardest to learn. I came from oils so.....completely opposite. More unforgiving. But there are tips and things you can do. The longer you practise the less you need to worry about mistakes needing fixing.
Never rush. Try not to go in on wet to add more detail ( unless it’s a wash)-it will mess up the paint and dry wonky. Lines, and wet area that blooms uneven. If you want to keep moving, use a hairdryer. Have your paper taped down With low tack tape. Less rippling. But some tapes with hairdryer use can pull up paper on removal. I had that happen once. Perhaps I used too much heat with the adhesive.
Some pigments are staining pigments (like red), and are very difficult to remove with any techniques. Some are granular and will not be nice if you don’t want that texture. Use accordingly. A Magic Erasure from the household cleaning products can help remove paint. I haven’t had to do it much but other artists have assured me it’s a real help. It worked for me when I tried. I found hot press paper may be good for details but if you end up needing a lot of washes or some reworking, the paper gives out. Disaster!
You have captured your subjects well. Their poses, dimensions, the feel of them. 👍🏻 Keep going!🙂🙂