SoCal: The Chaos After the Big One Hits #4

Claude J Greengrass

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Number 4 in the continuing series of SoCal; The Chaos after the Big One Hits. Some beach front buildings are so close to their neighbor they practically touch. Here, the man made structures are forced against each other by the power of the Big One.

Painted with Daniel Smith watercolor paint, black acrylic, and black gouache on 200# Saunders-Waterford C.P. watercolour paper. 22x30
Love this Claude. I can feel the tectonic plates moving under the ground in this one. Love the colors and the sky. ❤
I like how the colors of the buildings fade into each other. Yes, it depicts chaos well.
Thanks Arty. I hope the earth beneath your feet remains steady. ;) The sky was almost an after thought.

snoball, the fade is one of the reasons I fell in love with watercolours, but I now find that there things I want to say that needs gouache and/or acrylic added to go where I want to go. Thanks for you feedback and comment.