Snoopy on Shrooms


A quick watercolor this morning. For fun.

Snoopy on Shrooms, 7 x 5 inches--watercolor and ink on illustration board. I don't like how watercolor takes to illustration board anymore, and I'd forgotten about that. I prefer good paper.

If you hadn't said, I wouldn't have known it was quick. You are excellent with colour, line, perspective, composition and, most importantly, fun!

I wonder where Charlie Brown was gone.
Thanks everyone. I don't know where Charlie Brown and Woodstock went, but maybe they're the ones who gave him the mushrooms? Ha.
Haha, he is having quite a trip, Snoopy. I also wonder where Woodstock is, he always was a favorite of mine.
See what you mean about the difficulties with wc on illustration board, I have started to invest in quality paper. Still, nice little painting.
It's for me a major attraction of the wc medium, you can sit down at your drawing board, and make a complete quick work in say half an hour or so. Unlike oil for instance where every work is a huge project...
EJH, You are right about that. I am still working on a 20 x 20-inch oil painting. It doesn't seem like they are much. I mean, they don't take a lot of "skill" per say, they take time because I paint super thick. Still, yes--they are a project--mixing the colors, the clean up and the whole nine. I love watercolors for their quickness and freedom.

My preference for w/c paper is Arches hot press, usually #300.
I am not long enough in the game to make statements about preference apart from the rather obvious "I like 100% cotton paper best".
I have two blocs of cold pressed paper, one is by fabriano, the other a bit smaller by Daley Rowney. Also a little square bloc Khadi paper, a handmade paper from India. That last one is a bit weird but interesting, grain and sizing are rather chaotic, and it's pretty absorbent, also soft, it doesn't do well with masking tape or fluid. The first to are easier to work on I find.
But as said, take my opinions on these paper with a grain of salt, need more experience.
Next time I buy, I think I'll add a hot press paper to the collection.