Sleep Machine


I was working on this yesterday, but when I scanned it, all the "head band" parts on top got lost and now I think I have to repaint them. :( It's a 12 x 9 inch on Arches. It's also hard not to ink all the outlines because my gut wants me to.

Like it. Wacky in a good way. Follow your first thoughts. If you didn't ink you could carry the pink by the outlet through background to lose the white. The pink would push the green.
That's a good idea Wayne, and thank you. Maybe I'll get back to this one...but I think I've moved on.

Thank you Schuee! :)
I like it, the colors are bright and cheerful and everything gives me an idea of movement, it seems alive
Maybe I should ink the outlines on that part. I'm not sure.
To ink or not to ink, that´s the question... :geek:
For what its worth, I like it as it is.
An advice I got some time ago and always remembered is not to add ink to a piece you did not plan to make a ink and wash.
I don´t think there are any hard rules when it comes to art, but I found this helpful as a guide line.
@E.J.H. I like that advice very much! That is also my general "rule." Well, not rule. Let's say practice. Especially in recent years. Thank you very much.

Thank you to all for your generous comments and feedback. I truly appreciate it!
Thank you Brad. This really was just a spontaneous little something. But I'm appreciating all the great comments on it. I didn't think it was all that much! :LOL: