Sky House


Another abstract collage piece on birch panel. It's oil, paper, and fabric, 20 x 20 inches.

What a cheerful, enjoyable piece!

The strong colors work so well together. Did the paint colors come before the fabric, or after, or together?

I like it.

Regards, Trier
Thank you so much!

Trier: I have a specific process for these pieces where I work out the palette with the fabric swatches and lay it all out before painting anything. They are pretty planned out all at once, but the fabric and paper must go on before the painting is applied.

trufflecat: Wow! Jeez, thank you.

Sno: Thank you! I love that blue too. I am in love with various blues for sky colors to match the way the sky looks in the desert here. It's kind of crazy how bright it is.