Sketch Book



My brother-in-law sent me a sketch book. I'm not a sketcher and have never used a sketch book. However I am having fun with this!
I sketch the scene out with a Pigma Micron archival pen & proceed to apply paint from there. I've given myself a time limit of 15 minutes. I can see that I need to leave the piece more "sketchie" & pen marks visible.



Looks like you're putting your new sketch book to good use, Aspenman! They're kind of habit-forming :)
Glad you're having fun with your new sketchbook! I never manage to keep one, but wish I could. Love the strong, bold style - I really like what you're managing to get down in 15 minutes.
That's a great idea for using your sketchbook. I keep meaning to do something similar with a really tight time limit (to learn to loosen up) but I haven't got round to it. I have lonely sketchbooks sitting in a drawer, so maybe I'll get one out and have a go. Thanks for telling us about it!