Silicone Valley Church By Moonlight


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Yes, I mean 'silicone', not 'silicon', because silicone is the improbable substrate this is painted on.

I had bought some silicone cutting mats for kitchen use and wondered if it was true that not much of anything would stick to them. Sure enough, all the kitchen stuff wiped right off. Then, just for the heck of it, I tried some gesso that I was using.

Amazingly to me, a thin layer gesso stuck after it dried a little, and the rest is history.

So now I have this little scene painted on a rubbery, translucent, bluish mat of silicone. There is no way to easily hang it, and whatever it is laid on shows through the translucent blue.

BTW, I wonder if there are any churches in the infamous Silicon Valley now ?

For your amusement :
11x15 in acrylic/silicon

shadow from my leg.

Laid on the floor on a piece of white posterboard and my dirty dark rug

You saw it here first.
C&C & insults okay
Well, I for one, love it! I would have never thought to paint on such a thing, but I like the translucency. Great painting! ❤️ :)
Well, that is one surface I haven't tried. I've painted on copper, glass, shovels, saw blades, and ABS, but I've yet to try silicone. :giggle: Well done and if you want to hang it, you might try gluing it to a board and hanging it.
Almost a modern-day “STARRY NIGHT”! Such a fun piece,I love it!