Show? What show?



Acrylics on paper
I like the way you've made the central figure dominate by highlighting it. Did you begin with dark paper? It seems there are black bits showing through that makes the painting cohesive.
Thank you kindly, Sno.
You are very observant. It’s on red paper.
Your signature stained-glass look is prominent in this. Somehow you make the colors vibrate off the page. And I love the transparency of the main figure's feet. The marks, especially at the bottom look more like they were made with oil pastels than a brush with acrylics. Did you use a palette knife? Anyway, it's terrific and I love it.
Thank you so much , Susan!
Yes, I forgot to mention earlier: the foreground is done with oil pastels! You’re correct.
Another dandy, Nufocus!

It has a kind of Rouault look to it which I like a lot.

This is absolutely gorgeous. I so love your painting style/application and all of your work. This one is especially wonderful.
Trier, much appreciated. As always.
Arty, your words are especially wonderful!! Need I say more?... thanks a ton.
After having seen a couple of yours, I can state: I like your style. Especially for its roughness. That's bold and it feels "true".