Self teaching myself the fundamentals -- a list of resources I've used


Mostly Illustration
Hi all. I've been teaching myself art for the past 3 years. I'm not fully self taught as I went to art school, but I mostly learned about commercial design and web development there, so I was severely lacking in fundamentals for drawing, painting, and everything else art related.

It took me a while to find the resources to teach myself since I was also trying to figure out what I needed to learn on the fly. I eventually compiled the below list after a lot of trial and error. I hope it can help someone else teach themself as well:

Resources for Drawing Skill​

Resources for understanding Perspective​

Resources for understanding Form​

Resources for understanding Value​

Resources for understanding Light​

Resources for understanding Color​

I also wrote a blog post about these that goes into more details. You can read it here:
The color and light by James Gurney is one of my go to books. I also do recommend his imaginative realism as well.
Drawing on the right side of the brain Is a good one too.