Self-portrait with Fish


2 eyes.
Something from three/four years ago I found in a cupboard while looking for the hair clippers yesterday. I gave myself a short back and sides. On the clippers it reads Wahl Dog Grooming.


Thank you, Artyczar. I was worried it might be boring, and for many it will be.

I feel like I should be doing representational stuff, communicate more directly, but what I can do in that regard doesn't fulfill my expectations, satisfy. I like the seams to be hidden, so to speak, or on show and falling apart. Anyhow. Just talking.
I'm still looking for the self portrait part of it. 😁 Looks great Iain. Well done. Someday I'll figure out what you use to make these. ;)
What was written on the clippers is what made me laugh.
Self expression is what we do...
Wrinkles, no wrinkles, an apple, no apple but that’s some fish!
Thank you Dave, you are a Gent and a Scholar and you know quality when you see it 😁 remind me to slip you the fiver.
I added metallic and was pleasantly surprised. It looks lit with tiny points of light. Thanks Arty.🙂 Maybe the title detracts from the spirit in which I created the piece...?
Hmm. Sometimes titles are very important. I go days trying to think them up at times. But I do like the title. You can give it a longer title with a colon on the end of Self Portrait with Fish:...

I once named the top half of a painting and named the bottom half two different things, but took away the first part because people were weirded out about it.