Scoops & Handle


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28 x 22 ins acrylic/poster board

This was going to be a landscape, inspired by a composition I could barely see in a scrap piece of paper I was using to test colors and wipe the brushes while doing a painting. (I forget which one).

The composition looked like it might be a view from a bluff of a country road ford crossing on a small river with a pond and orchard.

I was going to call it “Golden Way Crossing on Silver River”.

I sketched the general directions of the intended road and river, and while developing them and the surrounding landscape. the road turned into a giant brass or gold door lever handle and the river turned into three giant claw like scoops. I couldn’t help it.

Oh well, it was going to be a semi-abstract anyway. and I think I got that part done.

I still want to do the crossing though.

I also made a crop of this that I like.

C&C welcome
Big Mistake - posted early version !

Here is latest one.

clamp shows on right upper corner - poor photo composition
I like how it evolved even though it was not your initial plan. The swirling jewel colours are a hallmark of your work and I love the rich purple backdrop.