Satisfied mind



Acrylics one oil pastels on paper.

Where did you use the oil pastel in this one, Nufocus?
Thanks a ton Terri!
Did not understand your question, sorry.
Great mix of abstract and figurative Nufocus. It is beautifully mesmerizing. Love it! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thanks a ton Terri!
Did not understand your question, sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry. You mentioned using "one oil pastel" with the acrylics, and I was wondering what you used and where it is in the painting.

I use oil pastels so I like seeing them show up in other people's work. ;)
Oh….Terry…. My phone wrote one instead of and…. Just noticed it.
If you look again, you’ll notice some “smidges” of blue, red and yellow done with those pastels. In addition, much of those black fuzzy lines on her left side are pastel too.
Beautiful Nufocus. I love the splashes of bright color in the background. ❤️❤️❤️
There’s some Hebrew writing (in reverse….) just about on her stomach…😀 There was some collage work on the same piece of paper I hated and peeled it off before starting with this one. Imho, it turned out pretty interesting….
Wonderful expression as always. I like the oil pastel marks and the way a lot of the canvas seems left blank. And, yes, the splashes of color - overall a great effect.
Love the expression you get out of your paintings, .. wish you had complemented/insinuated the woman's figure a bit more, it breaks the mood for me, but its just my own opinion :)
This is amazing! I love the figure against the abstract background. It 's as if she's deciding whether to emerge all the way or not.
I wanted to add one more thing: the title is stolen from Jeff Buckley’s Satisfied Mind (an incredible masterpiece!)…… but it does suit her expression methinks.