Santa’s Late!


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Oh no, has he forgotten us?

Ah. Have I posted it before? I have a cold and brain-fog and am in a muddle! You can remove it if you wish. 😁
I would never remove it, and I could be wrong. It just looks familiar to me, and that's a good thing. ;)

EDIT: Oh yeah, it "worried dogs" or something like that. ;)
I'd missed seeing this, and it made me laugh - so, glad you posted it twice. Fun work with all the doggy details, and I love their expressions!
Oh! That makes it good that I made a mistake, triss! Thank you very much. 🐾🐾
That is very good of you to say, Jane. I might have done in my youth but won’t now. I only discovered I could make these a few months ago and I’m in my middle 70’s. 😁