Salt dough sculptures


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PSA3475, As I said, you inspired me. My GD and I had been talking of making play dough for a few weeks, and finally I did. These are salt dough sculptures. This is new to me, the female is my first attempt, the child and dog, second and third. After drying, they were painted with tube acrylic paint. This dough has a rough texture. Maybe I'll work to sand any next ones, or, a flour dough may be smoother. The female arms are long, to embrace many! The dog just got BIG! (Child and dog are mementos of the "First Snow Day" activity and oil painting) Thanks for looking.





Thanks, Arty! I mentioned sanding. Forget sanding. I was afraid these would be fragile, but I had to use my Swiss Army knife AND elbow grease to remove a tiny bit from the dog's foot so he would stand more reliably.
These are simply great! I played around with salt dough years ago. Have you ever played with bread dough clay?
ntl, these are wonderful. I like the pose of the dog, he's really cute. Also the figures have interesting poses. Love the colors! What a nice idea to make salt sculpture!!
It is soooo much fun to work with clay and clay like mediums. You and your gd should look into self hardening clay. Your pieces would last longer I think. Love what you did with these 🙂
Sno, thanks. No, never--that I remember--used bread dough clay.
Moscatel, Thanks. They were fun to do. GD made 3 snow women to give to the 3 friends with whom she made the snow women with that day.
PSA3475, After more practice with this kind of clay, maybe we'll advance to something like that. This salt/cornstarch mix should last a long time. Thanks for the inspiration you provided!
This is a link to the "Snow Day" painting:
Check it out here ntl, it works great. I sold boocoos of little plaques and jewelry made with this. If you spray the finished roses with varnish, they are suprisingly durable and last a long time. Leaves can be made to look very real by pressing the clay onto the back of a plastic leaf for veining.
I don't think I would be able to learn even if I loved plasticine, however months ago I almost thought of asking a little about this or, if there were items maybe to use without an oven,
I had saved myself names of things I searched for on the internet by writing these words, some self-drying I think, there are various things, I believe that sculptures are very beautiful works.

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I have used DAS air-drying clay. I have found it difficult to make anything but the most rudimentary forms, finding it better to work with the material and let it go where it may. I made a toilet bowl with an elongated snake-like neck and markings.

I love the child's posture, ntl, and the dog looks like it is in the throes of an Elvis impersonation. Ah-huh-huh. Cool.

I love the work of Shinichi Sawada. The way he uses a few, apparently simple shapes to create effective forms. The fired clay is beautiful.
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Joe1lt, lain, this dough was salt, cornstarch and water. Two statues were formed and air dried, then when I finally got to make the dog, I decided to bake all, two were pretty thick. I didn't want to wait any longer for the dog to dry. I had both salt and cornstarch on hand, and they are inexpensive here. For playing/experimenting, it was a good thing to do. I have flour, and may make the dough sno recommended
if we do this again. There is still a ball of the other to use first.
Lain, I think these were pretty rudimentary, this dough is NOT (for me) a thing to use for even smooth statuary, let alone sit on someone's mantle or end table :(
I'm glad you all like them, lain your comparison of the dog to Elvis made me laugh--and it's somewhat true! :)
I have flour, and may make the dough sno recommended
The bread dough is not made with flour ntl, it is made with white bread, preferably a bit stale, and white glue. It starts out really messy but if you keep kneading it, it turns loose of your hands and makes a wonderfully pliable clay. You can keep it for several days in the refrigerator in a plastic bag.