Saint Louis Square, Montreal


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Wanted to share an architectural paper sculpture I just finished. I recently visited Montreal and was inspired by the Victorian row apartments, particularly those in Saint Louis Square. There are several beautiful examples, most accented with bright coloring that really highlight the details. I've attempted this subject before in color but have gotten bogged down by those amazing details. For this sculpture I stayed pure white and simplified many of the details. To make things easier, I constructed this as three houses that I then attached together. Every element (door, window, wallside) I made three of each with a T-Square, ruler and so forth to streamline the construction. This came together surprisingly fast.
Please enjoy and if you have any questions, ask away!
:) Rob

Saint Louis Square, Montreal.JPG

Here's a close up that hopefully shows the embossed roof tile and brickwork:

Saint Louis Square, Montreal cu.JPG


This is so intricate, so detailed! It's just beautiful to look at. How cleverly you brought together the 3 houses - I never would have guessed!

Donna T

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That's amazing and incredibly beautiful, as are your tiger and panda in the other thread. You do such unique work!