Rest to Laid


2 eyes.
18.9 x 26" approx.

Rest to Laid DET..jpg

Wilco Kreisel. Five trees, 1996.
Wilco Kreisel. Five trees, 1996.jpg

Baobab trees

These are both great and I love the photo as well. The first does remind me a little of Hundertwasser, just a tad, and I mean that as a compliment of course because I love his work, as I do yours. The pencil piece is so cool too. You've been productive! :)
Thank you both. I enjoyed working on this. It was quite compulsive. A bit disappointed with the image, but wtheck. Onto the next thing.
Is the first one embossed? It looks so. The second one is great but puzzling. I don't know if maybe it it the photo that is unclear or the work. :)
Hi sno. Yes the first is embossed. And the second is the first with a light shining through. Apologies. I did not mean to confuse. This drawing was the one I posted in WIP thread, when you commented it could use more colour. I put the colour into the one that began this thread 😊
Thank you Arty and Joe. The pen certainly transforms the paper, tattooing or carving into it, lending it a leathery effect I quite like. It's like it is transformed into a object and not simply 2d, no?
Hi Arty, thanks. No I haven't, but I do not think I'm that productive. You are, and I am flattered and pleased that you like what I have been doing lately. Having this connection with you guys has certainly helped raise my morale and led to more work. Otherwise, we work in the dark, feeding the void, don't we? I have had a small backlog of work to post, too.
Iain, these are excellent. It really looks like loose fabric . Your répétitions are fascinating. I still think that you would enjoy silkscreen. Fantastic!
I too see your work in textiles, absolutely. You can try them out on a site called Spoonflower to see if you like the concept. That wouldn't be you actually learned the art of silkscreening, but you can see how your art can look on fabric. A collage near you might offer screen printing classes you can take so you can learn, or even a private lab.

I am not as prolific as I used to be. I'm not. I used to paint every day, all day, sometimes 12 hours. Now I'm lucky if I can get a few hours a day in--and not every day. It's more like a few times a week, if that. Yesterday I did five hours and that was a big deal, but today I want to sleep for a good part of the day, which I will after I put down one other color on this painting and maybe draw a little tiny watercolor. A couple hours and then I'm out for today. My hips hurt, rag rag rag...
I am sorry to hear that, and not just for the art.

While mental illness is mostly misrepresented or mythologized, physical illness is hardly mentioned.
I thought the idea of having works at eye-level for wheelchair user was a cool one.
I always admired the way Matisse was able to circumvent his age-related ailments and created a new medium to boot.

I have never been able to treat art/writing in an organised way, as a job. The drawing that started this thread was worked on over three all-nighters.

Thanks for the information. I will take a look at the site.