Reminds me of something Arty would do.


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Ha! This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

How long did this take you, Sno? Did you have the face sketched out and your words planned ahead of time? Sooooo good! :)
It is not my work Terri, oust something I found on the internet. It just looked like something Arty would do.
Oh, I see. Well I agree with that! And it's a wonderful piece, so thanks for sharing. :)
it's a good job, nice to discover it,thanks , true, beautiful and fabulous, so it reminds me of some works by Artyczar, and also your paintings, I quote that of the wolf , wolf with surprises.
Funny you should say that because Hannah has made drawings exactly like this. Not me. Weird. I love the drawing though. I think I have slides of these drawings of hers, but I do have the drawings themselves. I'll have to ask her if I can scan them and post them here.