Reclining nude study

P. Barrie

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16” x 12”, oils on panel, from photo found on posespace

snoball, Artyczar, Thank you
On this one I focused on skin colors and drawing accuracy.
Style? I strive to not have any preconceptions of style. Lay down color direct, usually wet in wet, very seldom glaze over dry paint. Let the lines and color strokes show, try to express something. Use a limited color palette most of the time. The K.I.S.S. Rule? Hopefully my “style” will emerge.
Here’s a close up to maybe better see the brushwork and planes of color.

Good work Patrick. .. I would think you are guilty of painting to the lines but not into them as this is edgy all over
Excellent Patrick. Good skin tones and good proportions. Very relaxed pose.
Thank you all. I did start with a pastel sketch on the panel, then painted into it.