Ranch paintings


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A couple of good ones yesterday at a friend's ranch overlooking the Pacific. I've painted lots of views there, so decided to narrow the field of view to a couple of interesting features: a blue flowering bush climbing over a small farm shed, a stand of very large old trees. B. Charlow 2023 Woodside, CA

9x12" pastel on dark blue PastelMat:
Bell Ranch flowering bush 2023.jpg

6.5x9.5" ink and watercolor on paper
Bell Ranch trees 2023.jpg
Nice work. The blue bush is eye catching, but I think the tree stand is marvelous!
You know I love the pastel and the blue! The trees are very well done. Bark and all. Good day for you!
Hi Bart, the blue flowers leap out, nice.
The tree study is cool, but the blue & green really pop against that background.