Rainbow Connection


Another small one. Not as great as the last one, but something. What do you think? (Watercolor on Arches, 7 x 10 inches.)

I was thinking if you matted them both with dark gray-blue mats they would look great together. :giggle:
Boy, you sure are good with watercolor !

This one has a sort of happy cheerleading feeling with the cactus arms, rocks and yellow streaks all waving their arms in the air and cheering our team.
The streaks of colour appear as if they are a natural occurence in the landscape. Like a cross between lightning and a rainbow. It is well done. And most enjoyable to look at.
Thank you Trier. That means a lot to me. I don't feel like I'm so great at watercolors, but I'm always practicing. I like the cheerleading words though, that's so fun. :)

Iain, thank you! I wasn't sure about the color streaks at first, but you've convinced me. Thanks! :)
I really like all your work that has some relation to the desert - this one no exception.
I also like this landscape, the use of watercolor, the colors and (pleasant) sensations it arouses,
desert can be dull, these works are beautiful and an explosion of colors
Thank you Joe! I appreciate your lovely words.
The desert is far from dull in real life. It actually changes constantly.