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Pine Cone

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On WC, I wasn’t allowed to create an online journal which would gather sketches on different types of paper, as well as digital sketches, etc., all together into one online “journal”. In other words, they said the journal would have to already exist in paper format. Only then could it be posted there.

I’m hoping that here, I could ***create*** a journal, instead of duplicating an existing one. I would love to have a journal-like record of my sketches, but they exist in real life all over the place — scraps, flash drives, more scraps, notebooks, more scraps, napkins..........

What do you think? Can I go ahead?
This sounds like a great idea! I look forward to following your journal, Pine Cone (and tempted to start one myself, too!) :)
that's how my art is organized. different kinds of paper all over the place. i had the intention of creating a 'scrapbook' of drawings but as of yet i haven't done it. much more fun to create new art to lose somewhere in my studio! :LOL:
That what I'm doing, and I haven't been kicked off yet 😅, so I'd say it's cool.
Incidently I did the same on wc and it was allowed. You must have tried when the mod was different. Not that it matters now.
What a weird rule they've implemented on WC, but I'm curious of your journal. I'm a geek when it comes down to stuff like that! It's always interesting to know how this or this behaves. I don't get that with digital painting, so it's always exciting to explore. ;)
We don't have rules like this. I don't see why you couldn't do this. Please feel free to create your journal Pine Cone. Maybe I will even follow suite! ;)

Thanks Artyczar ! I will try to get started soon. I know what I want my first journal to be — hope to find time and courage to post 😄

And I hope you do one like this too !!!
laika — when I saw your avatar and name, got such a lump in my throat — thank you for honoring her sweet, loving spirit 😰💙😌 and thank you for encouraging me to make a journal here !

Triduana — Thanks so much !!! 😄 Now you have to start one too 🙏

Michael — LOL, I’m glad I’m not the only one 😆 Love you signature 😄

JoC — Awww thanks so much !!! ☀️ 👋

AES and Kay — Thanks much 👋

Dm7 — Thanks, and I agree about exploring — used to love to play and experiment and goof around any old which way — hope to get back to that a little, if possible 🙏
What a weird rule they've implemented on WC
It was perhaps how that mod did *understand* the forum's rules. I find it rather silly. Although there were separate sub-forums for the various techniques or subject categories, in every forum there is usually a place for free/mixed content. Art can't be restricted in such narrow frames.
And finally, there was by "breaking the rules" that the Art did progress through the centuries!

Furthermore, such a forum isn't for the art only, it is for the community too ;)