PSA re: Dried-out Tube Water Colors


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(PSA = Public Service Announcement)

I haven't seen this mentioned (which doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot!) so...
I had some water color paints which had dried in their tubes. Being cheap, I figured I could open the metal tubes, take the paints, and revive them in tiny containers. Knife and side cutters did the trick. But when I peeled away the aluminum tube, I saw dark gray discoloration on the paint – about the same tone as the aluminum of the tube. I guess the aluminum oxidized as some got on the paint.

There wasn't enough discoloration to bother me, but I figured I'd share this just in case...

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I was given a large set of wc--maybe 48 colors--about 8 years ago. Almost all colors had been squeezed into little plastic containers by the previous owner and of course dried out. Even the paints in the tubes have mostly dried. I am cutting needed paint from the dry tubes, I haven't seen any discoloration or other problems. These watercolor are for the most part, pentels. There are a few of another brand, but I don'nt know it off hand.
These are Pentel as well
Very Olde! So it could be an effect of time, or the formulation. Or something else? Anyway, there wasn't enough effect for it to bother me. Happy painting!