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I'm going to make an attempt here on the best way to post images. Apparently there is more than one way, but this seems to be the easiest. Those of you that have this down to a science, please continue on.

I suggest everyone else use this little square icon with the mountain on it, located in the center of the bar above the body field. Click on this when you're ready to upload the image from your computer. It will be inserted where your mouse cursor is blinking. See below:


Once you click this icon, you'll see a small window in a pop-up that says Drop image (or click here). You can either click your cursor inside the box, or choose the upper-left icon to pull an image from your computer. See Below:


That's when the files on your own computer will automatically open. You can then browse the images on your own computer to select which image you'd like to insert into your story by selecting them and clicking "Open", or you can drag them right into the window with your mouse. See below:


Finally (see below), once your image shows up in the body of your draft, you have the ability to resize your image just by selecting it with your mouse (clicking on it in the inside of the image). It will become "live" (light up within a light blue border that will include four corners).

If you mouse-over one of the corners while the image is "live" your cursor will turn into a small, double arrow. This means you can hold down your mouse and move it back and forth/up and down to fit better into your post.

NOTE: At the bottom of your draft, where it says "Insert all," you will have a list of all the images you have uploaded for this entry. If the images look the way you want in your draft, you do not need to click on anything below to select the images again. Otherwise, you will have duplicate images in your post, (or none at all if you keep hitting the delete button)! It's best to leave these be if you have followed the above instructions on how to place the images in your posts.

So, Where the bottom red arrows are, just alone, unless you want to remove those images from the site completely. I hope that makes sense.


I hope this explains better how to post images and doesn't open the door to more confusion. Let me know if it does! I only want to help. :)


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