Portrait swap from long ago.


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Some of you here will remember the portrait swaps that we used to do each year on WC. This is one of the swaps I did. I participated in several.
First is the one I painted of the artist and the second is me done by him.


I like the way you have the countenance emerging from the dark. And I like your blonde against the blue. Lovely.
Thanks Iain. Here are the photos that were used.

He used one of these, don't remember exactly which one.


Thank you Iain, I enjoyed painting it. :giggle:

Thanks nufocus, the portrait swaps were fun. :giggle:

Thanks Arty, I participated in several of these, they were fun. :giggle:
You look radiant, if you don't mind my saying so.

I would like to do the portrait swap, not because I would enjoy the challenge, but that I would receive a quality portrait in return for something approximating the symbol that differentiates the Ladies from the Mens.

In the late 1980's I asked Barbara Tate how much she sought for a commissioned portrait: £5000/$7000.
I would love to command those kind of prices. My prices run in the hundreds, not the thousands. Maybe we can start up a swap on CS some day. The way it was handled was to put all the names of the participants in a drawing and draw out pairs. We never knew until the assignments who we would be painting and who would be painting us.
Pulling out my name would be like pulling the "short straw" 😆
Oh don't sell yourself short Iain. I'll bet you can do a very acceptable portrait. I don't think anyone's art is "better" or "worse" than anyone else's, just different. :giggle:
Snoball, you did an outstanding portrait, one of the most beautiful figurative paintings I've ever seen, fantastic work.

good the artist who painted you, it is a beautiful portrait that depicts you, very good artist and you are also promoted as a muse, they are two works of high level and fantastic initiative.