Portrait I've been working on.


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This friend recently lost his wife and due to circumstances, he blames himself and is having a really rough time, so this is a gift to him.

What a beautiful gift and work of art! Just beautiful!

I am truly sorry to hear what your friend is going through. The loss of a lifelong partner must be intense enough, to say the least, but having the added dimension of blaming oneself for the death, well, that is unimaginable. I wonder if bereavement counselling would be an option.
He has had counseling and I believe it has helped. I just hope this will also bring him a bit of comfort. We once discussed me doing a portrait of her but nothing more was said so I thought I would just go ahead and do it. And thank you for the compliment. :giggle:
Your thoughtfulness and generosity, your empathy, is boundless. This is a wonderful gift.
sorry for your friend.
This work of art is a magnificent gift. there can be no more beautiful gift.
Fantastic work and beautiful thought. really
What an amazing gift. It's such a beautiful portrait. How can he not be cheered up and perhaps set into his right mind that it was not his fault. I know we blame ourselves for horrible things, but we just shouldn't. I hope your work brings him some peace. It has for me in a round about way--maybe because it's made so well and with such love. ❤️ It hits me hard.
Thank you for the nice words Arty. ❤️ Since I know the circumstances I would likely feel the same way if it were me, even though it could not have been prevented. We all have the tendency to think the "what ifs" and the "if only's". I think that is part of grieving. :cry:
I had my son deliver the portrait yesterday afternoon and they reported that he was thrilled with it and that it inspired him to talk about her for about 30 minutes so I think I can say "mission accomplished". :giggle:
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Ron and Brenda Bell. 62 years of wonderful marriage. She is now with the lord and I miss her so. Thanks with all my heart Margaret, It is beautiful and I will treasure it in my heart the rest of my life. I was so surprised and grateful when it was delivered by your son and his wife. I was is shock and had no words. All I could do say was WOW WOW WOW AND MORE WOWS.