Poplar Drive By Lake - HH series


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Abut the same time period as Afton Villa Orchard, same approach. Heavy handed.

16x20 in tempera,acrylic/cardboard

I think poplars are a poor mans version of Italian Cypress; love them both.
Like the viewer left. It has a real nice abstraction happening there. False images, if you will.
Sno - Many thanks; after your Tuscany remark I had to go find this one to continue your thoughts. You also inspired me to do another one today, which I will post after I get the camera to co-operate.

Wayne - You really verbalized a feeling I had while painting this, thank you !

Arty - Great to know that you like the wild part, I felt I might be pushing it too far at the time. Thanks

Susan - Hey that's a nice one ! If I could rename it, "Dancing Poplars" would be it.
thanks a lot.

Joe - Thank you Joe for following along and seeing the beauty I hoped would be there.

ntl - If you and Susan agree on the title, that settles it.