Plein Air with Plateosaurus


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oil on 18" x14" panel
comments welcomed

I had the house (mostly) finished when it started to rain. So I move inside to finish.

I painted the sky then added trees - only to realize I had made the sky way too blue. since it would be too much to paint around the trees I made their mass bigger - and bigger to blot out the blue. But now I really don't like how it turned out I've painted out all the trees - so there is just sky. I'll add a new background of some sort after it dries.

But the house actually does have a dense forest behind it - so without the trees, the scene will lose some verisimilitude - but then the plateosarus had already sailed that ship.
I kinda like the massive overgrown forest. It fits in with the dinosaur.
The house itself looks greats but at first I mistook what I believe is the dinosaurs tail for part of the tree/bush.
Bongo. This might be my very favorite painting of mine that you've ever done. This is so outstanding, and over the top amazing, I don't have words. Simply perfect. ⚡
oopsi! Thanks Arty - there has been some de-forestation, clear-cutting since I posted this - but hopefully it will work with an as yet undetermined new b.g.

Thanks 16, the tail is one of the things on my to-do list for the painting.
Where do you live Bongo, so I won't make the mistake of visiting you. With pets like that in the back yard I might fear for my dog's safety. ;) :LOL: Good job on the house.
wow, Wonderful,
I like very much,
I initially thought but where did a dinosaur find it
Hey, thanks Sno & Joe. This house has a forest behind it, not as dense as I made it but pretty dense. So I was thinking what can I do to break that up -- I'd also been wanting to put the odd creature in with my Plein Air - so this seemed like a good place to start.