Picture for 'Blob'.

Dave Woody

Well-known member
50cm x 30cm acrylic on board

This is for my friend 'Blob' (Colin Garratt) who I have just reconnected with after many years.
He lives in Kingsbridge in Devon and grows his own vegetables.
It is a document noting the historic individuals of his town and I have
included him in the list.

Ha haa. All fun. No idea what he will make of it, no idea if he even knows
of the illustrious Poet, Composer, Nuclear Weapons Engineer or the
athletes historically connected with his town.
Just for accuracy, Maurice Fox-Strangeways 1920-2006 is the nuclear
weapons engineer connected with Kingsbridge and is not named in the picture posted.
Good work. I think you did a good job on the figure here. :) I like how the vegetables are labeled. ha.
This image above is the finished piece.
I must stop posting unfinished pieces but I get excited that I can even
paint at all.

So sorry. I will try to curb posting half finished stuff.
I did a second picture for 'Blob' tonight, posted below.

This is all about him. The pic documenting his village is one thing but
my favourite thing is to paint for the individual and this is all stuff
he will relate to.
This is Blob in his yellow mini, on the A40, morning rush hour.
Stuck in traffic, eating his cornflakes, the peg that every Mini driver had
to clamp the choke. His band The Psyco Lemmings, the Casio calculators
he repaired for a living, the nod to John, a great friend who died far too young.
I did it again...posted unfinished stuff. I gave myself a good slap...

These are .... the actual finished pictures for 'Blob' ( AKA Colin Garratt ).
A little historic giggle about Kingsbridge Devon, including him in a list of
notable residents and also a totally personal picture depicting moments
in his life that are now 40 years old....ha haa...he will totally get them.
I love them even more. Much more defined and didn't think I could like them even more, but now I do. :) Well done.