Picking the jury ....



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives .. not sure on this and it just may be that my mind is pushing for a change again.
Gorgeous Wayne. I love your titles. Maybe better than mine ;)

Please don't change it! It seems so perfect. But I know you should only listen to your own council, of course. These colors play excellent(ly) off each other. Th falling tree is my favorite here. So natural. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you Arty. Promise not to. Just finished the piece for tomorrow and I am excited about it. I studied a bunch of Soutine paintings last night and early this morning and decided to venture in that direction for a bit. I ain't Soutine but his application suits me. Sloppy with attention to getting your attention.
Thank you Jo.
Secret so don't tell anyone. I glaze translucent colours down over my with paper and allow some of the glazes to remain while I go over others with different colours and mixes. I do it wet in wet so I guess it really isn't a glaze but it works similar.
This is a real beauty - one of my favorites from you recently! Your blue touches on the trees is inspired. I just love the color bomb of the center right - like a bonfire just caught blaze. I love this! ❤️
Your work appeals to me too!
It’s been COP 26 here past two weeks and your painting immediately invoked the wild fires your country suffered this year … spontaneous combustion!
You spend a lot of time in the woods. ;) Great paintings come from that. I like this one, it looks like a nighttime exploration with a light.(y)
Thank you Terri. My colours come from within from things seen or dreamed. I don't know.

Thank you Maureen. I am glad they invoke a feeling.

Thank you Perry. I'm sure there will be others to vote.

Thank you Zen.
Yes, as a boy I was fishing the brooks. As a teen I was snaring rabbit in the woods. As an adult I hiked often in the woods. I was lucky enough to be brought up in a rural area and developed a love for outside. The color and smell stays with you.