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Do you make and use patterns for your work?
I'm drawing today, using a small table set-up of 3 empty containers, cottage cheese, maple syrup, and a large Hershey's cocoa box. Boy, do I need practice! I just made a pattern for the jug, the cheese tub is on it's side--where's my perspective book? I need it for the top of the cocoa box too! Surrounded by "other" media (not oil paint) I did one with charcoal, then another with watercolor. Still have graphite and pastel pencils here. All on/in an old recycled 5x8" technical book.

Reminded me that when I paint an animal, I often first make a pattern, cuz I don't know what I'm doing. When satisfied with size and shape, it's easily transferred to the canvas, and I have a better chance at success in painting it.
By patterns do you mean drawings done to the scale of the finished work? If so, I do that a lot - usually on semi-transparent parchment or drafting paper, and usually in Conté. I mostly do it for individual figures and then transfer the results.
No. I do drawings for an individual shape to the size and shape I want, then transfer it to the canvas.
I think all of us use patterns in one way or another. There are a few that just start in with a brush on the canvas but somewhere in the process they may still use a pattern. There are times I want a certain size circle and will search the house over for just the right bowl, bottle or bottle cap. :giggle:
Sometimes yes and sometimes no ... better if I don't use a pattern but some subjects I need to keep the proper perspective as at times that can get lost in brushstrokes .. so without, to me is free brushwork where a patter will constrain the brushwork somewhat as all items are specifically placed before beginning a painting. Instead of brushwork over brushwork it's brushwork with respect to lines.