Patch - Inktober 2021


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This is my most recent contribution for Inktober 2021. A little behind due to some vacation, but I'm still trying to finish up the last few prompts! Constructive criticism welcome! (this is my first post, so let me know if there's a better way to communicate that)
You can resize the images you know. Click on it to select it and use your mouse to move it in smaller. (If you want.)
oh man that is some nice texture work. So clean and strong - and consistent! Must have taken a while. Drop shadow is a sneaky clever touch too. I was legit confused for an instant "is this a photo of, wait no it can't be... what?"
Very good. It looks as though it took a while, with all those lines! You've achieved great texture though and a really good 3D effect.
It definitely took a good bit and a lot of hand stretches to get through then lining on this one, but definitely worth it! I'm glad you all think it came together well 😁 @drizzlewither that is a massive compliment thank you!