Płyn ( dishwashing liquid )

Dave Woody

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On holiday in Poland, I bought a few canvas and four acrylic colours.

Gold, White, Purple and Green.

Trying and Failing to paint realistic scenes of fields of wheat with farm houses,
homesteads and horses, Villagers shopping etc etc....
I then saw a Washing Up liquid bottle in my mother in laws kitchen and knew instantly....'Subject' I could deliver...

I did my best ....

Then it was all down to target audience.
Who do I know that would appreciate...such a picture?
Who would enjoy ...laugh...embrace a picture like this?
After some easy discussion, we knew which friend would hang, in humour, this picture....
...and it is much loved, laughed at and hanging in her kitchen to this day.
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A perfect subject for the kitchen. I wouldn't have thought of that, but there you go. Even without it being in the gallery of a kitchen, I like it! :)