Our Furry Little Friend Puts Some Hairs On End


2 eyes.
Just our common house spider and his reflection.


Not sure what image is preferable?

Reflection ii.jpg
Timely, October is just the right time for hairy tarantulas. :giggle: 🕷🕸
Coincidences like that, along with deja vu and Exploding Head Syndrome, are intriguing.

House Spiders don't last long with this predator. Here she is, during a lull in activity, filing her nails.
Thanks guys. Yes, i thought the second too, due to the light. Macro photography (which this is not) would make for a fascinating endeavor, and fruitful, too, for a representational artist, et al.
Yeah, I am considering buying a better camera for reference photo's. My current one is at least 7 year old, and tech has improved also the one I have was not top tier to begin with....

Btw would you allow the use of these for reference? I also like the second one best, I can see a charcoal drawing in it...
My camera is an entry level Canon EOS 500D (Rebel in the States, I believe) which came with a 50mm lens. I would be delighted if you wished to use the image for reference.
I think your house spider deserves its own thread in the watercolour forum.
Spiders on the Web.
☆I thought I posted this yesterday in reply to your post Ian, and forgot to hit the " post reply" button, and because the site caches the reply it kinda looks like it's on the page...

Thanks! Also for allowing the use of the photo! I like it because it is not a macro, that it is not entirely in focus makes it more interesting.

As for my painting, yeah, I think it didn't come out too bad. Watercolor is still a lot of trial and error (lots and lots of error🤣) for me.
Have looked at quite some tutorials ( Mind of watercolor on youtube is great), and I try my best to implement what I learn.

I took a risk with this one, I thought the spider's edges were too sharp, and I had overworked one of the feet a bit too correct that. Then I thought "to hell with it", and put a light wash over the whole thing, and to my surprise it actually kinda worked...

And in addition, yeah good idea, I will post it in WC section too as it is a bit off topic here. I will use that topic title "Spiders on the web".
The risk paid off. I am glad you were interested in the images. I hadn't really thought much of them when I uploaded them in 2014, but I happened upon them recently and liked them. Thank you for elaborating on the process, it is interesting.

Here is the same spider after some crude editing. I don't generally mess with resolution, nor the manual settings on the camera for that matter. I have to rely on dumb luck to have captured the image.

Spiders are fascinating and beautiful although I fear them a little. Here are two photos of spiders that I took on Jeju Island in South Korea. I had never seen beautiful spiders as such.

Iain , you photos are very interesting. The first one reminded me of Jacques Hurtubise’ s work which often reminds me of spiders or dragons. I have seen a room full of these huge canvases. As I walked in the room at the museum, I literally started crying, it was overwhelming. He died 2016 in Nova Scotia.
First the spiders,


Then Hurtubise’s