One down


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Pretty much finished with the first Christmas commission. 12"X16" oil on canvas.

Stunning sno! Congratulations on the commission. This one is so full of positivity! I love these colors. Excellent work.
Thank you Arty, now if I can just get the other one finished I'll be a happy camper. It has 3 people and I had to patch it together from 4 photos! o_O I don't have a lot of confidence in myself on it. I may not even post it here. :giggle:
Some people are going to be very happy this year. And to think, Santa will be taking all of the credit, and he has helpers...

Sno, think nothing of it. 😁 'Tis beautiful!
It is a wonderful work of art, they will love it, impossible to think of a more beautiful gift, it will bring so much joy.

Certainly the other work will have the same effect, your art is wonderful and then you are putting your effort into it so in any case you have to be happy with the result, and in any case it is difficult to think of more beautiful gifts so they could not have made a better choice and it comes to thank you because you will give joy and beautiful moments even in a year that has been a while, your paintings will bring so much magic to these holidays, so if santa claus steals the credit he will not steal the gratitude of those who see yours here works and clients (this if the brarbuto does not steal them to deliver them himself or hold an auction ... but he won't, he's good, apart from Billy Bob Thornton's film)
Thank you both. I may post it when I get finished but don't expect too much. The back story is: The lady's mother died in an accident at a young age so of course, never saw her grand kids. The lady had a dream of having a painting done of her mother holding the kids on her lap. I have a picture of Mom with a guy, who of course is not to be in the painting. Mom is standing, not sitting. I have a picture of little boy and little girl, but little boy is wearing a cowboy hat that hides the shape of his head and will not fit on picture of mom's lap. Little girl has bangs that hang down in her eyes so I can't even see the shape of her eyes. I managed to get another photo of little boy that isn't too bad and another picture of little girl with completely different lighting but with hair pulled back. They want her to have the first hairstyle but with hair not in eyes. They have to be sitting on a lap that isn't there with hands that are not there holding them. Do you see my dilemma?o_O
Jesus! What are you? Some kind of miracle worker??? That is extremely difficult with those kind of (missing) references.
Requests make you headache just reading them ..., you are asked the impossible,
but you are doing your best and then they will really have the best you can do,
in reality you often go beyond the possible, so you will probably also go beyond the possible,
important and that when you think that working further on it would be… you consider it complete that it will really be the best you can do and it will be a really nice piece and they will understand it.
excuse the thought
Sno, Your hard work, time in, and talent are all showing! That's a wonderful piece.
Thank you ntl. I just hope I can say that about that next one. :giggle: