On Toast

Dave Woody

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Yeah....ahhh, picture .... struggled to upload it.... I thought if I post thread it might appear...
It hasn't. Mods, please can you delete this pictureless new thread.

I will try again tomorrow.
I was going to say, that has been done before. Black colour field, whathaveyou. 😁

Was looking forward to seeing another one of yours.

Dave I've just posted the glitch on the tech forum.
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Wow....after a lot of 'tries' ... it was posted, but Sideways.
Please can someMOD turn it upright for me.
I have tried to turn it in Edit mode but the option is Greyed out!
Thank you.
Crikey ... anyone would think this is important art, the bother i have gone to, to get it posted.., and then to get it posted upright.... phew.
Those are darn good eggs Dave. (y)
Aren't they just? Dave, you make a lovely bit of scram. Seriously, my mouth is watering.


I do miss a Greasy Spoon. There was one at Hanger lane W5 that made the most delicious kleftico, lamb falling off the bone.
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Iain, thank you for setting my breakfast straight.
I lived in W7 for many years, not far from Hanger Lane.
Are you talking Acton, Ealing, Hanwell, Southall, Hayes r Uxbridge?

I started a chat with you, so as not to bore the others....
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Great painting Dave!

We will try to figure out this blank file upload issue sometime today. Sorry about that.

As far as when the editing bar is greyed out, you can fix that by turning the editing bar on and off by clicking on the toggle button on the above right corner near the save icon. (See below.)

I will also post this in the Site Announcements and Technical Issues Forum.

Bear with us on the other issue.