Oil pastel 17/11/14


2 eyes.
Oil pastel, Ink. 17/11/14
Thank you guys! Appreciated. The effect of the Graphite over the raised surface is pretty cool. I've always meant to explore that.
I love these. The first and the last are my favorites. The last one reminds me of a map. And I love maps/map-inspired art. Really cool Iain. ❤️
Thank you 🎈 Arty. I do appreciate your remarks. They are like helium :D 🎈

M voice is now compromised by helium.

The last work came from this below, as did another, "Mandala" posted elsewhere. In fact, all these simple drawings from 2013 on were developed from the grid (Thanks A. Martin!) and culminated in the ridiculously titled, Chinka-chink-chink, an approximation of the sound (glass rods) heard when viewing the drawing.

Love this one too.

I also have a chink-a-chink drawing thing, but I think I told you about it? It was the sound of a stapler.
Now that I look at the old pictures of the drawings, it was not "chink-a-chink," but "chi-kunk." My bad. I recalled it wrong. :(

I am trying to find a better picture of the original drawing from my Journal Project, which is a lot of explaining to type here. Here is the bad picture of it though, with "chi-kunk" written over the staple markings:


From this drawing, I remade the drawing bigger in oil pastels on a wall back in 2005 or so (more low-fi images):






This was the sound I made most of the day working in the workshop, as we had to staple the patterns together before cutting them 2-ply ("2-self," as it is called). Then the staples are taken out, which drives one insane. If that stapling sound doesn't drive you crazy, taking the staples out will, or working for my dad would.

The drawing translated from the pattern to the wall admirably. The gallery space must have been congenial.

Stapling, cutting, and then destapling, sounds hellish and nuts. Surely there would have been an easier, quicker method for temporarily holding patterns in place. You must have become adept at cutting.
Now there are computers, but back in the day it was almost a craft. A trade, but kind of a craft. Now only small boutique designers do it this way.