Oil from Life: Rattan Chair


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Oil from Life: Rattan Chair ~3×5″ colors: transparent oxides red, yellow, and brown, viridian, titanium white, chromatic black. Don’t sit in this chair, you’ll slide right off!
The chair–I had a set–came from a hotel that closed ~1990.The chair’s proportions are right, my drawing isn’t
. Working towards painting faster and better... C&C welcome, thanks for looking.
2021-06-30 11.37.23.jpg
Faster and better! Certainly the right direction to follow, at least I for one believe so. Depicting what you want to depict by means of quick strokes that are put in the right places and create a certain expressive description of the subject ,and it all WORKS (!), is for me (oh well, I can only speak for myself….) superior and more meaningful than realism.
Not to highlight the dick in contradict 😁, but superior/more meaningful are value judgements, wherever we are on the Richter scale 😁✊

NTL, I enjoy your Still life's as much.
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Yep, Iain, value it is!…… and when you mentioned Richter, I’m sure that you were referring to Gerard Richter….😀🤓😀🤓
Yes, he’s been using his scale forever….😀
And yes again, NTL probably had Vincent’s chair on her (his?) mind when deciding on this piece
Shucks, I just noticed that my very smart phone (not great on German names…) decided to call Gerhard Gerard!..🤓 A francophone 😀😀😀
Nufocus, you're terrific! Thanks!

lain, at least one would slide off the front of mine, not the corner! (ouch) :giggle: Thanks for the compliment! My very first oil painting teacher, presenting a class offered by the city of Anchorage, AK in 1972, compared my work to Van Gogh!o_O:ROFLMAO: My perspective is STILL off! and my little book on perspective is missing due to the recent move...

No, not thinking of Vinnie, just wanted to paint a quickie (less than 3 hours) while waiting for paint to dry on the BIG project. :)

Arty, Sno, thanks. I'll work on a few more.:) Your support is so important.