Oil from life: Beverage Carton


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Oil from life: Beverage Carton ~4x6" on canvas paper. All but the lettering. C&C welcome! :)
2021-07-26 15.21.15.jpg
Get that lettering on there! You'll be surprised the difference it will make. Great seeing all the practice. ❤️
it is a bit contemporary .. so call it " Nothing You Haven"t Seen, Is It?" and let people look without a solid comparable image solid in their head.
Sno! I am NO match for your sheet music! :)This alla prima is a challenge, glad I got those black areas on, I had NO plans to do the letters until after it dried, if then. :eek:
Arty, thanks so much!
Wayne, lol. thanks!
I think lettering would be tricky to do in this perspective. :LOL: Anyway, nice simple composition.
Hi, Dm, Thanks. I still haven't done the lettering...:oops: Probably not going to happen!
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Hi, Jo, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I've been working at it a while, now.
ntl, I like it very much also as it is! Colors are so beautiful in this one. I like the different values on the sides and it shows 3D. With or without lettering, it's beautiful, although the lettering would be good practice.