Oct 18/21 .. The Lady Got The Blues



11 x 14 Oil on Paper Alla Prima .. If I knew I'd tell you but this just came. It might have been the result my brain dance done wrongly but things come and go.
Thank you Arty .. the idea sprung from "A Whiter Shade" and that subconsciously planted the seed for this piece and now this piece has pushed it's waves into tomorrows piece. I am always a day behind on my postings. Yesterday is today, today is tomorrow.
You gotta love it when artistically it's a good soft roll .. reminds me of being a teen in a row boat out on the ocean the day after a storm when all that is left is nice soft swell. The soft waves rock you like a baby in a cradle .. such pleasant thoughts ... some memories are sacred .. some not so much .. The lady got the blues .. just spiraling down .. no place to look but up .. but you can't quite stay there ...
Interesting thoughts to go with this one, Wayne. I like it - especially the textural interest. Your brain does dance and it's good that you let it!
Thank you Donna. It seems that a brain dance is a prerequisite to finding new paintings. 🤕
I love what you said Wayne. That was poetic, and profound. Nostalgic, yet true (for me anyway). Then you bring up that music too--that is meaningful to me. Whiter Shade, Billie Holiday, etc. These things will always have a nostalgic feeling no matter when you hear them, before or during our time. Adolescence, childhood, whatever. It's all so fleeting and formidable. I get filled with lament at times. I want to cling on. I want to let go, forget, remember. Everything at the same time. Just gotta ride the waves. ;)
thank you Arty .. I had hoped the painting would make a viewer look up but then fall down .. I'll just have to get better :cool:
For those whose eyes don't see expressions, the lady is under the eraser walking from the darkness and then the pencil was the ladder that transported her up past the phone with no keypad and collapsing houses. I mush have been having a bluesy day.
You didn't fail, I was going by the words you last wrote. I wasn't writing my words in response to the visual of your painting. My impressions of the visual...--a look up to a structure (a house) from the underground (perhaps). An architecture's dream? Those are my impressions, but I see it mostly as an abstract composition that just happens to resemble shapes of a house and happens to have some numbers, a pencil, strings or "posts?" It could be a kind of upside down moat...but I look at things in terms of compositions and not literal "things" because it's art: composition, balance, palette, texture, technique, movement, emotion. That's what a painting is to me. And this has all of those things well defined.
I agree with you on that. I'm just wanting to move a mountain. :D
I would rather know where my paintings take the viewer. What do they see. What's their story based on what I put before them. Every picture tells a story. What do they see?