Now That's A Fish Story



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted April 06/24 ........
Ooo! These looks slimy and nasty - like dead fish! Didn't *someone* say they were going fishing....? hmmm, can't put my finger on it.... :LOL:

I think the 3rd from the top has the best icky eyeball - still looking at me!!
Ooo! These looks slimy and nasty - like dead fish!
Ooooh but oh so tasty. Thank you Terri .. I think 3rd from the bottom wins the eyeball contest as she is giving me the evil eye for liking fish.
Hey look who finally had some luck out in the boat! It looks like they’re laying on a bed of ice just waiting to become dinner. Happy for you on both the art and dinner success!
Thank you Donna. Lying in my sink waiting for the dirty part of fishing….the cleaning.
Ps.. I fish from shore these days as a boat is work.
Something about this is really cool to me. The gray, the composition...I can't put my finger on it exactly, but it's contemporary and pleasing to the eye. A winner! ♥️
Thank you Ayin. Sometime when I was surfing around painter's paintings, I saw some fish paintings that stood out to me. They were not your normal photo fish but yet they were alive. I believe they were Russian but not overly sure. Anyway, they left a mark.