Notions of Innate Knowledge


2 eyes.
Lying Heavily on our Waking, Nighttime Hearts

Wow. The title is intense, and it makes the work even more deep (fore me anyway). I love the deep textures and darkness of it.
Even with the darkness there is more color variations than your usual. I really like this.
Thanks guys. This is an older work and probably a personal favourite of this kind. The random colour reflects my lack of direction, literally. And the thread title refers to an observation I once had.
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May I ask what you use to obtain the texture? Hung on a light painted wall showing there contrast, I imagine they'd look very good indeed.
Thanks Maybe, I have been deliberating over the pros/cons of divulging the medium (others have enquired), but as I am a bit of a one-trick-pony, alas, I would like to keep it under my Deerstalker for now. Of course, if someone should guess, I would come clean. Not that it's a great biggie. Ha. What a phrase.

Someone with traditional, conventional, representational...with actual painting skills could no doubt achieve something quite special with this surface. Although, it might be a bit bumpy!

...Or one of our early, "cave painting" human ancestors, or cousins, the Neanderthals, would do the biz. Yes, "a traditional painter" I hear you reply. 😆
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Well, thank you, ntl. I ❤ van Gogh's most iconic works. And galaxies. I picked this 🌼 for you.
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Sorry laf. I did not receive notification of your comment. Thanks, that is a response to die for - multiple times. I hope you are well.