Nothing like a vineyard on a Fall day!


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Back to Portola Vineyards with our painting group. Lovely day, lots of great work. I painted this 9×12″ pastel on Buttercup Pastelmat of the trees in back lighting across the pond. B. Charlow 2021
Portola Vineyards Pond painting v2.jpg
How beautiful! I love your luscious colors and how you direct the eye to the center subject. Lovely!
Very nice. The colors and the composition really highlight the little group of trees. Well done.👍
What a great botanical composition! It reminds me a little of an antique print. It's wonderful! ♥️
The vineyard sits in a valley. Something about the angle of the sun shining over the hills always seems to create a halo of brilliant light on the tops of some trees, while leaving background trees on the hillsides in deep shadow. Trees are varied colors naturally even if evergreen, and some have Fall changes as well. So that corona effect on the central trees and the rushes behind were what I was capturing. Also, at that angle the shape of the central tree was repeated in the trees behind it and mirrored in the water reflections. So that added a chevron sort of abstractness to the scene. Fun to paint something different, since I've done so many of the vines around there already.
Not exactly the same viewpoint, as I was seated lower than this so the reeds became more prominent and less of the water reflection was showing. This was taken about half an hour after the painting was finished. By that point there was more light and less blue/purple in the shadows on the bank. But you'll get the idea. It was an "explosion" of light and color that I was trying to capture.
cropped view 1.jpg