No idea what this is!


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Did this about a month ago, just spreading paint about, no idea what it is or represents.
I saw those too, but chose to concentrate on the rhythm of the paint. 😊
But by your own admission, you have a circadian rhythm disorder. :LOL: That's where I got the title.
It doesn't have to represent anything. It can be just being good to look at and this is.
now i also see batman flying with a cape, this time red.

actually I was just focused on seeing the colors and I like the effect.
I find it curious that I don't think about subjects, or shapes, (as I usually do),
but I have only one voice that shouts at me, beautiful, they seem the colors of some incredible artist type, perhaps Velasquez (with names and artists I get confused and in any case I said as a curiosity but I was thinking of this type of Spanish or French artists of the period).
in summary, I like it
Nice amount of contrast, color, and interesting forms. It doesn't need to represent anything!
A dog and a rooster? An unconscious expression of exasperation with all the barking and crowing going on in this election season?
I see dead animals and parts .. it doesn't have to be anything but it is something to the viewer. If it feels good it is good.