Newly Discovered Leonardo Drawing?


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Newly Discovered Leonardo Drawing?

“This is the true face of Salvator Mundi,” Di Maria tells La Stampa … “It recalls everything in the drawings of Leonardo: It is his language and speaks loud and clear.”
The problem is that these "experts"... curators, critics, and art historians desperately want to be the one who discovers a new masterwork. I remember one of the great art historians... Frederick Hartt... was certain that this was a work from the hand of Michelangelo:


He was so certain that he wrote a book on the piece (which is small enough to be held in your hand): "David, by the Hand of Michelangelo". Almost no one believes the work is by Michelangelo today.
Doesn't look like it to me either! Hips are too narrow, for one thing. There's a lot of other things wrong with it too.
I had not read about this news,
however you reminded me of a movie, even if it probably has nothing to do with the post, however remember Goya's maja desnuda?
here in the movie they want for a scam
to have the Italian copyist Antonio Scorcelletti paint a variant of the famous Maja Desnuda, adding to the latter a nightgown.

he did not know that it is sold as a goya original, he did not understand and when he hears on tv how much his painting sold it, then he does the maya in a bikini, the maya in a bathing suit, in a bathrobe etc etc , many paintings, versions, in a continuous cycle and the gag come out), then everything comes out, but only after various versions, various scoops, then they became more and more strange,
movies I once saw as a kid,

film that is stupid to say it but it conditioned me on a thought, together with an episode from the times in which I saw the film, it struck me for how it was always belittled and insulted what he did even if no one distinguished the original from the copy except he was told.
now it makes me think about what you were saying, actually about the explosions they felt,


and then that's funny, his muse,
had a muse actually while painting,