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I bought this years ago and forgot the name of it. It's used to make fine lines by filling the cup up with (acrylic) ink. The nozzle is extremely small and you have to use a fine wire to clean it out. The ink has dried up so hard in mine I can't clean (believe me I tried). So I want to get another one, but can't remember the name of it?
Before you toss it, maybe heat it over a flame (Bic lighter or gas range) and force a needle threw it?
It was used in the past for letter writing with indian ink, using stencils, before the "rapidograph" and similar technical ink pens. With this one you can easily change the ink for another color. You have to clean it after each use. If the ink has dried, you can look for some special remover.
That looks a lot like a kistka — used to apply melted wax to decorate Easter eggs. Fwiw, I’d try dipping it in boiling water to clear the dried ink… that’s what I was told to do with a set of radiographs that were given to me many years ago.
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