My nephew Emil, 13, acrylics and oils


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hi Friends,

I am about to "finish" the portrait of my nephew, Emil, 13, that I had started about 1 year ago out of a kind of boredom and because of his ressemblance to my when I was his age. It was painted on canvas, 60 x 40 cm and primed with acrylics, the color that is still visible und helped to build the skintones. then I "finished" it in oils, not knowing if it is really finished. Oils are applied onle in transparent layers, I restrict myself to a very limited palette nowadays: Lead white, Titanium White, Indian Yellow, Alizarin, Ultramarine Blue. No Black, instead mixing my paints to a very dark value.
I may add finishing touches but for now will present him with this painting for his birthday.

c&c as always welcome!

*keep your brushes wet*



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I like the dreamy, contemplative look, as if Emil is trying to decide what his future holds.

Wish him a happy birthday from us!